Why hire a health-Life-mindset coach?

Removing Obstacles

We all have places in our life where we feel blocked. Most of us are not even aware that subconscious limiting beliefs are driving our everyday behavior. Together, we will identify those blocks and replace them with beliefs that align with your personal goals and vision.

Be Your Best Self

You are AMAZING just the way you are but there is something missing in your life. Together, I help you discover what really motivates and inspires you. Finally start using the gifts, talent, and strengths that bring you joy. Say YES to yourself in order to live the life you truly desire.

Dream Big

When you choose to live a dream, you need the courage to step into it. Together I help you create your vision and develop your authentic plan. 

 I give you the tools and resources to achieve inevitable success while providing encouragement and accountability  to reach your goals. 

Meet Honor


I am Honor Garrett. I grew up in the same house most of my life and then I married into football and moved 12 times in 26 years.

Growing up in Greensboro, NC and attending UNC-Chapel Hill, I landed my first job in television in San Antonio, TX as a sports producer/reporter for an ABC affiliate. Then as life often calls an audible, I fell in love with a football player (now John is a coach). Just like that, I married the boy, left my career, had four babies and life changed completely.

Like so many of us women, our husband’s career takes precedence, and our new family became my priority. I am thankful and grateful for the crazy journey our family has been on; however, it is not always easy.

As a wife of a coach, I play an important role in holding the family together and juggling the impossible.  It is easy to lose yourself in serving everyone else around you. I know, I’ve been there! I wish I had someone who could have provided resources, tools and guidance to navigate the pro football life with ease and grace. 

I am here to encourage you that you can claim your AMAZING future right now! With the right guidance and accountability, you can  become the best version of yourself so you can bring  your genius to the world. 

As a Certified Health & Life Coach, my passion is to help YOU attain superior health. Together, we create a unique plan to lose weight, improve digestion, implement whole nutrition, increase energy, reduce stress and tackle head on the family and life obstacles unique to your life.


Coaching Programs

FREE Discovery Coaching Call


Curious about health and life coaching?  Do you feel stuck? Are you tired all the time? Are you feeling anxious, stressed out and sleep deprived? Are you simply ready for a change? Experience a 40-minute Discovery Call with me to answer your questions. You will be surprised how just one session will help you gain clarity, motivation, and focus to get back on track.

1 to 1 Private Health Coaching


It is about finding and addressing the root cause of your health struggles. Then we create an individualized plan to address specific needs and regain optimal health. If you are ready for lasting results so you can feel AMAZING inside and out, fit into that sexy black dress or favorite pair of jeans hanging in your closet or simply start a new holistic health journey, my 12 Week Intensive Total Body Transformation Program gives you the private personal support and accountability, the tools and resources and the mindset work for true lasting habit change. 

1 to 1 Private Life Coaching


In my 12 Week Intensive Life Coaching Program we uncover which of the five key areas of your life (Health, Career, Relationships, Money,  and Purpose)  need the most attention. Because how you do one thing is how you do everything!  We focus on your BIG VISION for your life, what my be keeping you stuck, how to break through any limiting beliefs and create healthier habits that serve you better.  You will embody a new but authentic version of yourself.  Focus and clarity and  master of habit change!

Group Coaching (Zoom)


Sometimes it is just fun to work in groups! Education, support and accountability with a little competition. My group programs are on various topics and typically last one month. Topics include: 4 Weeks to Better Health; Be Smart- Brain Health; Stress Less; H.E.A.L.; What's In Your Water; Better Sleep; Mindset Masters; Gut Health;  Diabetes Prevention; Simplify Nutrition;  Cancer Prevention; Teen Troubles 

Corporate Wellness


Does your company have a Wellness Program? I help companies create a wellness program that best serves both employees and employer. I also evaluate what program your company currently implements, make suggestions to improve it and generate more motivation around health for everyone. Honor It Coaching can provide supplemental private coaching and group coaching for employees and employers as well. 

Keynote Speaking


Your personal story can change lives and that is why I love speaking to audiences.  I specialize in wellness topics (health, life and mindset)  because without your health, everything else in your life suffers.  If I can help others take better care 

of themselves, they will be able to better serve their families, colleagues,  employers,  communities and the world. I want to create happier and healthier lives. 


What are people saying about honor?

Ellen Y.


I looked forward to talking with Honor every week! My nutrition has improved greatly and I have already lost 10 lbs. But my best loss was my self-imposed burden of feeling responsible for other's actions. Honor helped me reframe my thinking.  My attitude has shifted  so much that after I decided to leave my current job, I had complete peace about my decision. Each day, I now try to meditate, walk, sleep better, eat well, and enjoy the moment. Every day is not perfect and that is okay too. Honor's weekly calls, encouraging texts and listening without judging makes her an excellent coach

Mary M.


"Honor has helped me become mindful of my daily choices and stay present in the moment.  Her guidance and techniques have helped me lose 27 lbs and more importantly let go of my fear of gaining it back. Today I look at food  and my body in a totally different way.  There is no judgement, just wonder. Before I let a thought affect my feelings, I ask myself if those thoughts are true. Honor helped me uncover my awesomeness  and the courage to  own it. Her program was truly a transformation for my body and my mind! "

Kara P.


"Honor has such great intuition.  She helped me uncover limiting beliefs I had no idea I had but were sabotaging me daily.  With her guidance and resources, I was able to recognize and abolish behaviors that were no longer serving me. Honor encouraged me to organize and prioritize my day to help my business grow and still manage to take care of myself and my family. Even with an upcoming move, I feel  confident and inspired of what the future holds for my health and my business. Thank you Honor for your incredible support!