Life in the game, 

not on the sidelines

Leadership and Self-Mastery…
Because Your Legacy Matters! 
Use your gifts! Make A Generational Impact

Embrace Obstacles

We all have places in our life where we feel blocked. Most of us are not even aware that subconscious limiting beliefs are driving our everyday behavior. 
Together, we will identify those blocks and replace them with beliefs that align with your personal goals and vision. 
See the leader within emerge.
Embracing Change to Change Your Life

Dream Bigger 

When you choose to live a dream, you need the courage to step into it NOW. 
Together, with divine guidance, we  create your unique vision and plan. 
Master the tools and resources to achieve inevitable success. 
Receive encouragement, accountability, and clarity to reach your goals. 
Achieve divine alignment. 

Be Your Best Self

You are AMAZING just the way you are but there is something missing in your life. Together, we uncover what truly inspires you to be more. Start using your gifts, talent, and strengths that bring you joy. Say YES to yourself in order to live out a purpose bigger than yourself. Life is meant to be abundant in every way.

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Meet Honor

I am Honor Garrett. I grew up in the same house most of my life and then I married into football and moved 14 times in 28 years.

Growing up in Greensboro, NC and attending UNC-Chapel Hill, I landed my first job in television in San Antonio, TX as a sports producer/reporter for an ABC affiliate. Then as life often calls an audible, I fell in love with a football player (now John is a coach). Just like that, I married the boy, left my career, had four babies and life changed completely.

Like so many of us women, our husband’s career takes precedence, and my new family became my priority. I am thankful and grateful for the crazy journey our family has been on; however, it is not always easy.  

As a wife of a coach, I play an important role in holding the family together and juggling the impossible.  It is easy to lose yourself in serving everyone else around you. I know, I’ve been there! I wish I had someone who could have provided resources, tools and guidance to navigate the pro football life with ease and grace.

I am here to encourage you that you can claim your AMAZING future right now! You don't have to wait until life is perfect! My mission is to help you create a life beyond your wildest dreams and share your gifts to the world. Become an authentic leader and achieve self-mastery in every area of your life.

As a Certified Life and Mindset Coach, my passion is to help YOU attain, maintain, and sustain success. Together, we create a unique plan to develop your leadership skills and achieve self-mastery. Easily tackle self-doubt, take massive action, improve confidence, and implement a game plan to show up everyday with enthusiasm, increased energy,  and reduced stress. Tackle head on the obstacles unique to your life. Let the leader within emerge! 
Are you ready to WIN?

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Word Of Honor

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