coaching programs

FREE Discovery Coaching Call


Curious about health and life coaching?  Do you feel stuck? Are you tired all the time? Are you feeling anxious, stressed out and sleep deprived? Are you simply ready for a change? Experience a 40-minute Discovery Call with me to answer your questions. You will be surprised how just one session will help you gain clarity, motivation, and focus to get back on track.

1 to 1 Private Health Coaching


It is about finding and addressing the root cause of your health struggles. Then we create an individualized plan to address specific needs and regain optimal health. If you ready for lasting results so you can feel AMAZING inside and out, fit into that sexy black dress  or favorite pair of jeans hanging in your closet or simply start a new holistic health journey, my 12 Week Intensive Total Body Transformation Program gives you the private personal support and accountability, the tools and resources and the mindset work for true lasting habit change. 

1 to 1 Private Life Coaching


In my 12 Week Intensive Life Coaching Program we uncover which of the five key areas of your life (Health, Career, Relationships, Money,  and Purpose)  need the most attention. Because how you do one thing is how you do everything!  We focus on your BIG VISION for your life, what my be keeping you stuck, how to break through any limiting beliefs and create healthier habits that serve you better.  You will finish embodying a new but authentic version of yourself.  Focus and clarity and  master of habit change!

Group Coaching (Zoom)


Sometimes it is just fun to work in groups! Support and accountability with a little fun competition. My group programs are on various topics and typically last one month. Topics include: 4 Weeks to Better Health; Be Smart- Brain Health; Stress Less; H.E.A.L.; What's In Your Water; Better Sleep; Mindset Masters; Gut Health;  Diabetes Prevention; Simplify Nutrition;  Cancer Prevention; Teen Troubles.

Corporate Wellness


Does your company have a Wellness Program? I help companies create a wellness program that best serves both employees and employer. I also evaluate what program your company currently implements, make suggestions to improve it and generate more motivation around health for everyone. Honor It Coaching can provide supplemental private coaching and group coaching for employees and employers as well.

Keynote Speaking


Speaking changes lives and that is why I love speaking to audiences. Everyone has at least one profound story that can make an impact in the world.  I specialize in wellness topics (health, life and mindset)  because without your health, life is almost unbearable.  If I can help others take better care of themselves, they will be able to better serve their families, colleagues,  employers,  communities and the world.

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